Ninja with a Parasol

Join Nin, a ninja struggling through his training as sensei has him learn to use a simple umbrella in order to float across gaps.  Journey across the beautiful mountain-scape of Mount Fuji whilst perfecting your ninja skills.

Along your journey you’ll encounter straw training dummies, high winds and even a spirit which will take donations and MAYBE give you a reward.


  • Easy to learn difficult to master one button controls
  • Test your ninja skills with over 50 handcrafted missions
  • Participate in changing daily challenges to get great rewards
  • Discover five unique armbands, each with their own special attributes and abilities
  • Run, jump and float your way to a black belt
  • Pick from an array of suit colours
  • Original music and a truly immersive experience (headphones recommended!)
  • Acquire seven different umbrellas, which do things ranging from setting the ground alight to shooting a rainbow out your butt!