Dead Giveaway

The Game Show of the Dead

The game show of the dead. Don’t let the zombies rattle your nerves, earn your freedom before it’s too late.

In this zombie quiz game, you will have to answer some of the craziest questions and pit your wits against the leader of the zombie revolution.

Topics include…

  • TV Shows: Top TV shows through the ages…
  • Books: Best-sellers & authors…
  • Movies: Comedy, Horror, Actors and more!
  • Sports: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball and more!
  • Games: Video Games, Board Games and Classics…
  • Music: We even have Elvis buried in here somewhere!
  • Above all, this fun quiz game is FREE!

This is just a selection of the topics available; with new questions added regularly, you will always find something to to challenge your grey matter… assuming you have any left once the zombies are done with you.

This zombie quiz game is a fun and challenging way to kill your dead time.
One of the best quiz games ever made yet a simple one to play.

Loved playing this. Cool features and add ons and is probably one of the best quizz style apps I’ve tried, plus the zombie style is a nice touch (and funny!). Love the whole layout, easy to use and a fun design. Well worth the 5* ratings! – Gamegirl2804x